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Universal Freemasonry is a fraternity including men and women of every race, nationality, and religion. Over 40 Freemasons met freemason hong kong for a Masonic-themed wine tasting evening in Hong Kong, to mark the first New and Young Masons Club established in one of the Districts under the United Grand Lodge of England One Kennedy Club (1KC) is part of the New and Young Masons Club initiative from UGLE, with roots from London’s Connaught Club. Architecture Australia Bulgaria freemason hong kong Caves & Mines Cemetery China Cold War Cuba Dark Tourism Drains Folklore Freemasonry Ghost Town Hong Kong Industrial Infrastructure Kosovo London Military Moldova Museum Music Nature North Korea Ottoman Party Prison Psychogeography Religion Romania Rooftops Russia freemason hong kong Spomenik Supernatural Thailand Trains Transnistria. Hong Kong Freemasons built the first Zetland Hall in 1865 and used it until it was destroyed in an air raid in 1944. FREEMASONRY IN CHINA.

Inside The Freemasons&39; Oldest Grand Lodge - Duration: 3:14. Zetland Hall - the Home of Freemasonry in Hong Kong. FROM BABYLON TO AMERICA, THE PROPHECY MOVIE by School for Prophets - Attila Kakarott - Duration: 2:03:07. It’s a short 650m from Admiralty Station on the underground or alternatively 500m from the tram station on Queensway, the main cross town tram route.

Photo is matted in a single photo album. There are, however, some freemason hong kong freemasons who opted not to include the Freemason symbol on their gravestones. The Hong Kong and Far East freemason hong kong Masonic Benevolence Fund Corporation is a trust fund establishment by the Government of Hong Kong under the Masonic Benevolence Fund Incorporation Ordinance (Chapter 1034 of the Laws of Hong Kong). freemason hong kong 星滙網Star Internet Radio Hong Kong Recommended for you. David Fok, a solicitor who oversees Freemasonry in Hong Kong as district grand master, said: “Freemasons are supposed to be obedient and part of that obedience includes acquiescence to all actions passed by a majority of the brethren. Zetland Hall in Central, which is home to Freemasonry in Hong Kong. Freemasonry in China began with the arrival of Prince Carl, (ship of the Swedish East India Company) in Canton (Guangzhou), 1759. Overseas Visitors.

Japan which is closely working with the West and and the United States have freemason hong kong ruled Korea in the past. Shanghai Masonic Hall Revisited In 1995 after freemason nearly half a century since Freemasonry in the PRC ceased a party of ladies and brethren visited the 1931 Hall now occupied by the Chinese Medical Association Shanghai Branch since 1957. Loehr, a Mason, was a charter member of the Rotary Club (though it was founded by Paul P. Freemasonry is proud of its philosophy and practice of "making good men better". Culinary 411 - Basic Knife Skills. It was freemason hong kong built in 1865 and destroyed by an American air raid in 1944, during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. Zetland Hall - the Home of Freemasonry in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong all seven Lodges that freemason hong kong are warranted to meet under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Ireland are represented by the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Far East.

If you require advice or further information about freemasonry in Hong Kong, email uk or tweet us we can get input from our thousands of followers. Freemasonry in Hong Kong? Getting there is relatively easy. Freemasonry’s secrecy, which gives these feverish imaginings free play, is like the water at the bottom of a well.

New Haven SDA Temple - Brooklyn, freemason hong kong NY. As I know that there is a place for freemason in hong kong too, I would like to discuss and meet more friends within this forums to create more friendship and discovery for myself and all. Browse a wide selection of freemason mask and face coverings available in various fabrics and configurations, made by a community of small business-owners. home of Freemasons hong in Hong Kong. freemason hong kong 618 SC Mark MacAlpine This is freemason hong kong the story of Joseph Moses Emanuel,a freemason who misbehaved in his English Constitution Masonic Lodge, was rapped over the knuckles by his District Grand Master, misbehaved a second time and again had his behaviour condemned as. Zetland Hall is operating again, but under the appropriate regulations.

Two Lodges were established in Hong Kong soon after the British acquired the Territory. This regiment kong had a military warrant for Sphinx Lodge No 263 IC, which had been issued on 6 October 1860. It later moved to Guangzhou, freemason hong kong then on to Shanghai and only returned to Hong Kong in 1952. Members of Lodges and other Masonic orders overseas, which are recognised as regular by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, are very welcome at Zetland Hall and may use all of the facilities. The SERVICE Registered User. I am currently in. to Lodge Eastern Scotia, Hong Kong would be appropriate given the freemason hong kong similarity of the names.

Jailed kong Joshua Wong Vows Hong Kong&39;s Struggle Will Continue. Hong Kong located in the continent of Asia. Early Freemasonry in Hong Kong: Joseph Emanuel and the Formation of Lodge St John kong No. Dedicate to you the beauty of silence!

It was by the means of one of these military warrants that Irish Freemasonry arrived in Hong Kong. The ordinance was originally enacted on 2 August 1893. I am a dream-chaser who are willing to help people to chase their dreams.

Photo of the Freemason Lodge Woodward 508 in Cleveland, Ohio by hong Fred R. The original Zetland Hall. John may have hoped to return to Hong Kong again, post-retirement, to continue his work as DGM, but in 1938 he resigned, Mark MacAlpine discovered. This chapter discusses the history of the freemasons in Hong Kong by looking at the Freemason symbols found on the graves of the members.

Wishing to do away with all cause for division and strife, it continually seeks the means which to help all human beings to unite and work together for the perfecting freemason hong kong of Humanity. Despite the history of Royal Sussex Lodge in China, the establishment of English hong Freemasonry in the Orient may date to the eighteenth century with the first English masonic lodge being constituted in 1767. transferred their Charters to Hong Kong in the 1950s. Zetland Hall is the headquarters hong of the District Grand Lodge of Hong Kong and the Far freemason hong kong East. freemason hong kong The 2nd Battalion of the 20th Regiment (the Lancashire Fusiliers) arrived in December 1863.

So he returned hong to HK, took up the Freemason position of District Grand Master (DGM), and freemason hong kong finished up hong his YMCA work, retiring from the HK freemason hong kong YMCA in 1935 - and returning to England that year. See here for the latest details. This is a list of freemason all verifiable organizations that claim to be a Masonic Grand Lodge. Freemasonry was first organised as a society in England in 1717. A Masonic "Grand freemason hong kong freemason hong kong Lodge" (or sometimes "Grand Orient") is the governing body that supervises and governs the individual "Lodges" of Freemasons in any particular geographical area or "jurisdiction", (usually corresponding to a national boundary freemason hong kong or other major political unit). It started some 12 months prior to the actual visit with little more than a suggestion that he thought a visit from Lodge Scotia U. Masonic Lodges hong Based In Hong Kong if there are any -.

However, in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Hong Kong, Freemasonry is active. There is nothing for which the Chee Hong Tong stands up for so strongly as the right of freemason hong kong its members to wear the square and compasses emblem, asserting that its use by them has been longer by nearly two centuries than by. In May a second party made a social visit to the. See more videos for Freemason Hong Kong.

Business Insider 519,516. "The Chee Kong Tong is the Chinese Masonic Society of North and South America, and was organized in San Francisco in 1849. ” Some members say leaders should be held accountable. Haffner explains that Royal Sussex freemason hong kong still proudly exists in the Colony of Hong Kong. Only individuals believed to kong be of good character are favourably considered for How to become a Freemason in Hong Kong | Zetland Hall. Shop kong freemason hong kong available for sale today on the internet!

Hong Kong&39;s "English" Freemasons number about 1,000 and have long included many prominent figures in local society. Interestingly enough, Freemasons were freemason hong kong founding members of both the Lions Club and the Rotary Club. 501 EC (named after the Duke of Sussex, who was then the Grand Master of the English Freemasons) was warranted on 18 th September 1844. Once I went to the Freemason hall in Hong Kong. In 1949 it was replaced by the second Zetland Hall.

This venture started out as an idea by one of our brethren who is a long time resident freemason hong kong of mainland China. Harris, who was freemason not a Mason), and Melvin kong Jones, the founder of the Lions Club, was actually a Mason. freemason hong kong More Freemason Hong Kong images. Vigilant Measures for Coronavirus Risk - August. And, despite claims by some members that numbers were slipping, Fok said the. The British Crown seized Hong Kong and turned it into a Crown Colony and during this time established freemason hong kong banks and merchants which still have influences over China today. The older one, Royal Sussex Lodge No. The Freemason’s board had issued them with a document that granted permission to holding meetings hong any time they freemason hong kong entered a port.

The original Zetland Hall, fondly referred to as The Bungalow, was the second meeting hall of the Freemasons in Hong Kong. In both cases walk up past Hong Kong Park on your left and the Tramway terminus on your right and you’re there. Antique Masonic Rings, Aprons, Regalia, and more.

kong Organised freemason hong kong into units called Lodges, it also has a deep history in the Asia-Pacific, with the first Lodge in Asia established in 1765. This is Bruno from Hong Kong which is freemason hong kong willing to know and join the FreeMason. —The following cutting from the Hong Kong freemason hong kong Telegraph, 16th freemason hong kong April, 1889, has reached us both from Bro. Girling, of Hong Kong, and Bro. Huge catalog of kong at the best prices. , Lewis, of Amoy. Discussion in &39;International Freemasonry&39; started by The SERVICE,.